Experts in submicron API particle engineering


Improved dissolution kinetics

The active ingredients transformed by SFE benefit from a modification of their dissolution kinetics, improved stability and facilitated formulation.

Tests carried out by our external partners show up to twice as much solubility in water and an acceleration of the dissolution rate by a 10x factor.

These advantages in terms of expected bioavailability are made possible by our unique technology features (controlled change in particle size, coating of excipient on the submicron scale, or co-crystal structures).

Continuous Process for Dry Powders

Patented SFE technology makes it possible to obtain ultra-dry powders.

We can adjust the size of samples or batches produced according to the needs of our customers, while maintaining homogeneity of the final compound.

Submicronic granulometry

SFE based API average particle size typically varies from 200 nanometers to a few microns.

Particle size distribution is extremely narrow, and predicts better control of formulated products.

Spinofrin partners with one of the leading french research institutes to perform characterization tests with state-of-the-art analytical techniques.

Use case

In a context of rising drug development costs, innovators are looking for tangible alternatives to extend their market exclusivity : implement lifecycle management strategies based on Spinofrin’s enhanced APIs.

Spinofrin technology can help innovators to develop the next generation of active ingredients and secure their competitive edge.

Denis Spitzer

Managing Partner and Chief Scientific Officer of the company.

Inventor of SFE (Spray Flash Evaporation) technology.

Founding Director of the NS3E laboratory, Mixed Research Unit between the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis, the CNRS and the University of Strasbourg (UNISTRA).

Author of 130 scientific publications and 70 research reports for Defence.

Awarded the Grand Prix Lazare Carnot of the French Academy of Science in 2015.